Pocketbook. Purse. Vag. Vajayjay. Suzy. (Thanks for that one Toni Braxton).

No matter what you call this amazing vagina we have, there is one universal rule we all must live by: we gotta take care of it properly!

I have seen my fair share of feminine products that will make you smell like daisies, marshmallows or whatever the heck they claim to do and over time we have become aware that those products have been laden with so many toxic chemicals that it’s actually HARMING us more than helping. Finding a clean brand of feminine products that actually does its job now a days isn’t like climbing Mt. Everest. Matter of fact, today, I’m sharing the brand I’ve been using for the last few years that has lived up to the hype & will forever keep getting my coins.

The Honey Pot.

I LOVE this wash because I feel so clean after washing with it. This wash is also plant-based, using only ingredients that are good for you. The Honey Pot really prides themselves on only using clean & natural ingredients, backed by science & gynecologist tested. Best of all: made by women, for women!

The Honey Pot has been with me from daily cleaning to pregnancy to post-partum – you can see those posts here & here. I love how they continue to develop and create new products to help women have the absolute best experience, whether you’re showering, on your cycle or getting it on. Either way, your vagina will thank you.

You can find The Honey Pot here. It’s been pretty popular these days, so be on the lookout for new inventory soon!

I was not compensated for this post. I just really love The Honey Pot & wanted to share.

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