Your shoes can make or break your workout.

As I continue on this fitness journey, I have learned that it’s necessary to invest in the proper items to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts. One of the areas I have never, ever paid attention to – my shoes.

Workout shoes are workout shoes, right? I mean, I knew there were several thousand options, but I failed to realize that specific workouts have specific shoes. A tennis player wouldn’t wear cleats to play in, right? Well, technically they can try, but they would obviously look foolish, but also risk injuring themselves and not getting the optimal performance on the courts. When I figured out that I had been wearing RUNNING shoes for the longest when going to lift, I knew I had to knuckle back and get me some shoes specific for weight training.

It’s important to wear the proper shoe to avoid the risk of injuring yourself. You can seriously damage or wear down your muscles, bones and joints. Wearing the proper shoes will help improve your performance and keep your bones properly aligned for that particular activity.

Are you wearing the right shoes to workout in? Are you choosing shoes because they match your gear? Take inventory to see if you have the proper shoes for your workouts. It can definitely help you not only stay safe, but enhance your workouts like never before!

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