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    Hustle, Honey!: Jasmin Forts of Jobbing with Jas

    To say I have struggled trying to figure out my career, life path, and this game called “Climbing the Ladder in Corporate America” is an understatement. I’ve updated resumes, reached out to my network, went to job fairs, went to networking events, everything under the sun, I did it. Let’s face it: as a black working mother and woman in the corporate spectrum is hard. There aren’t a ton of resources out there for black women by black women that can help navigate you through the proper steps of preparing yourself professionally who can understand the struggles and speak the lingo. Everyone doesn’t want to necessarily be an entrepreneur nor have the direct contact with the friend of a friend who has the CEO’s number of the company you’re dying to work for. Many women do what they know how, but that effort lacks proper guidance.

    When there is a need, there’s always a business that handles that. It’s called Jobbing with Jas. Continue Reading

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