Summer is here and everyone who made those travel plans in the winter are now cashing in and taking a break! When it comes to planning travel, we’ll check out everything, from hotels and Air BnBs to restaurants and excursions. Then we travel with no plan whatsoever for snacking, eating, etc.

Let’s be real: trying to eat healthy and traveling is a mountain climb on a windy day. A healthy lifestyle really is a lifestyle. It requires intentionality and purpose from sun up to sun down. After taking a few trips, I’ve figured out an easy to follow formula to help you eat healthy and not completely annihilate your diet when you’re on the go.

1. Pack healthy snacks in your carry on.

Snacking is super helpful when traveling because it keeps your metabolism going and your blood sugar up without the feeling that you’re going to tip over and die. It’s also helpful to make decisions about food when you’re not as hungry. Grab options like a power bar, trail mix, and dried fruit that are easy to grab and won’t get flagged once you head through security. If you’re like me, take a few in bag but also pack a few boxes of each to keep in the hotel room.

2. Travel with teas!

I love tea so much that I travel with it. I love my stress tea, lavender & chamomile, Enchinea tea, and ginger teas. All of these have significant benefits and can be an EASY grab and go item for different reasons.

Stress – The stress of traveling is hard enough. I love having this when I need to calm down after the hustle and bustle of being on the go.

Lavender and chamomile – a mug right before before you slip under the cozy covers of a hotel room. Yes, please!

Enchinea – Give me all things immunity. Catching cooties while you’re away from home is tough! This ensures that I keep my immune health up and I’m being proactive in staying healthy rather than reactive.

Ginger – probably my FAVE tea to travel with. My cousin came down with food poisoning while on a recent trip. I had a few packets of these to give him, along with some added peppermint oil. The next day he was back on his feet like nothing ever happened.

Tea is an easy win!

3. Grocery Shop.

Research local grocery stores nearby once you land and take a field trip to grab some extra things for the room. If your hotel room has a refrigerator, even better! Stock up on healthy pressed juices, grab and go snacks, fruit and even yogurts. Keeping food readily available versus having to think about what you want to eat will help keep you on track!

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