Twenty. Twenty. I think I speak for all of us when I say we have absolutely failed at reading the fine print of what this year was going to bring. None of us in a million years could have predicted anything that has happened in just a few short months.

Before the U.S. erupted in a state of panic over COVID-19, better known as the Corona Virus, my family and I had already been social distancing pretty much since Christmas. Not because “I’m an introvert and I’ve prepared for this my entire life”, but by choice and some not by choice. Typically in winter we limit where we go for health reasons. But this winter was different that was the beginning of back to back illnesses in my home.

First it was Liana & then Laila. While everyone was ringing in the new year, I was visiting the pediatrician for probably the 5th or 6th time between December 26-January 2nd. Once we were cleared, my husband Joe ended up with a condition that landed him in the hospital on January 6th. Yeah. Super fun. It would be 8 days of taking care of the girls while doctors did everything to get him back on his feet. Then after being discharged, it would be a week before he could really help out around the house.

…and then 4 days later, Laila was gifted with the flu from who knows where.

So all the while, I’m taking each thing as it comes. Learning that everything is about perspective. I can choose to act like things are happening to me or they are happening for me. Sure it sucked, but the perspective I gained helped me to realize, truly, who my faith was in all along.

…and then 24 hours before my birthday, with no sleep and a low immune system, I caught the flu.

I spent my 36th birthday sick and quarantined in the bed. Talk about social distancing before it was a “thing”.

That time taught me so much about being grateful and thankful in the midst of chaos and imperfections because I was going to need that same perspective for what was about to come (which is here).

So here we are. Back in our homes. Quarantined and running our house with a schedule just like I did 3 months ago to keep everyone on track and moving forward.

The problem is I’m finding myself more and more irritated by the day.

  • The news hyping every single nano-second of a detail.
  • Everyone on social media suddenly becoming an expert on said crisis.
  • People shaming people because they weren’t “already on the wellness train”.
  • People shaming people because they are on the wellness train.
  • Frustrated working families having figure out how to work and make sure they keep their children occupied during the work day.
  • All of our conferences, plans and celebrations, even for the kids, being canceled.
  • Learning that some kids won’t have food to eat while being quarantined in their own homes.

All of this is a lot and it’s too much for me. And it breaks my heart and wrecks my nerves all at the same time. So today I’ve decided rather than try to survive this season, I’m choosing to thrive. Here’s how:

-Setting a boundary by limiting my interaction and time on social media.

-Choosing to share what we’re doing to stay healthy & well by educating and not belittling the choices people have or have not made.

-Choosing to share posts that inspire me or make me happy.

-Reminding myself that I am only in control of myself during this time. I am not responsible to make sure that my auntie/sister/cousin/bff/loved one is doing what they need to do like washing their hands and social distancing.

-Eating well while I’m still indoors.

-Taking advantage of the warmer weather by getting outside and moving my body.

-Catching up on that show or reading that book I put down months ago.

-Looking at this time in with my family with my new perspective.

Life is not happening to me, it’s happening for me. How I choose to spend my time and what I think about right now will determine if I survive or thrive during this season.

And by the looks of the title, you already know what my choice is going to be.

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5 thoughts on “Thriving While Social Distancing

  • Love the content of your every post! Always so inspiring!
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  • Love those aesthetic picture! They made my day!

  • Finally, a blog that feels familiar! I enjoy your transparency and writing style. I am just starting out as a blogger and recently retired (which is subject to change, as it has for the past 5 years) an empty-nester, military spouse of a retiree, and a grandmother of seven. I am reading a variety of blogs trying to figure out how to make my stories more concise, especially when I have so much to say.

    Again, thank your for being an old soul. Your pictures are amazing and your daughters are so adorable. Continue to stay blessed and safe. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I would sincerely welcome your visit and feedback.

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