School is out, summer is finally here, and heading to the nearest beach for all things sun, sand, & waves is what’s on the menu! Although my everyday schedule has taken a vacation, my lifestyle for wellness and healthy living is still in full effect. If you’re like me and have a need to get a good sweat sesh in with gear that is super functional, super cute, & easy to pack for a trip, adidas has you covered with these sports bras & high-quality pieces for every workout.

Our latest vacation gave me a chance to relax and get a quick and fantastic workout in to help keep me & my goals on track. Whether I’m doing a few quick sprints, lifting weights, or simply taking a brisk walk outside, gear that performs well & keeps this mom bod together with every movement means everything to me. adidas has so many options to fit your style & needs, like their comfortable sneakers, for the function to help you get the most optimal workout, wherever life takes you.

Wellness, fitness, and making sure I move my body, even on vacation, are so important to me. Having adidas gear like sturdy sports bras, shoes, bags, water bottles & a good pair of sneakers that functions well, while allowing me to stay stylish during my session, is a win-win in my book!

adidas kindly gifted products highlighted in the post.

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