It has been forever. Literally, but trust and believe your girl is still around.

Change. So much change has occurred since I last dusted off the keyboard to let you in on my life. We moved homes (again), which wasn’t our plan. We have traveled as a family. Our girls started school together only for me to pull our youngest out of that school and back into her previous one. Didn’t plan on that either. There’s several thousand cooties going on at the same time, so Liana has been in and out of the doctors. Covid & infections. Stomach bugs. I mean, I can go on forever. Nevertheless, a lot of amazing changes have happened since our last sesh.

I’ve had the chance to partner with some amazing brands. I’m building my photography business. My daughters are thriving and we are STILL loving living in the city of Atlanta. Life feels wild, uncomfortable, beautiful & messy, and yet, it feels like home.

The ebbs and flows if life have kept me off the keyboard, but I haven’t left you. I’m still here & I have so much to say. Stay tuned.

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