My style has evolved over time. I can go between styles that are ultra-feminine, with dresses and heels to lounge wear, like a matching track suit and running shoes to a comfy hoodie. It depends on the day, mood, and vibe I’m going for. No matter the look, style, feel, or vibe, I can always count on adidas to keep my style in style!

Spring in the city is filled with festivals, concerts, and fun events that allow us to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. It’s only right that I enjoy this season in a good leopard print dress that can take me to any of these places. This dress takes me back to my days in school where a maxi dress and sneakers, paired with the right accessories, can make you look effortless, Extra points if it has a fabulous print & super comfortable!

As a mama of two girls whose body has gone through significant changes over the last decade, I can say that adidas has not failed me once on cut, style, fit, and comfort! I can keep it chill or dress it up. The options are endless!

Trust me: my heart is in love with this look! It is the perfect uniform for the hot days ahead of us.

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