Essential Oils

In 2014, I was introduced to the world of essential oils & recognized early on how powerful they are how essential they are to living a healthier lifestyle. As a wife & mother, I believe in providing my family with the best tools to ensure they live a thriving, healthy life. In 2016, I got a membership with Young Living & never looked back!


Why I Chose Young Living
Young Living believes your family deserves products that are pure, free from harmful chemicals & sythentics, bottled in their purest form. Their Seed to Seal® promise guarantees high-quality & purity from the moment a seed is planted to the time it’s bottled. This resonated well with me & my overall goals to give my family.

How Often Do You Use Essential Oils
Everyday, all day. There’s never a day that goes by that my family hasn’t used essential oils in some form.

How Do You Use Essential Oils?
There are 3 ways:

-Diffuse to calm down an anxious toddler (or mommy)
-Remove odors naturally without chemical filled sprays
-Help with respiratory support, especially with a child in daycare always coming home with something
-To set the mood 🙂
-For focus

-Rubbed directly on skin as perfume
-Mixed in creams, lotions
-Used on scars, burns, & skin ailments, like eczema
-Used for respiratory support & building immune system
-Used for hormone balancing and support
-Rubbed on abdomen for cramps & PMS
-Used for teething
-Applied for headaches

-Added to tea for boosting immune system
-Drop under tongue when you don’t have gum
-Taken when you’ve had a little too much cake or any tummy issues
-To boost flavor of drinks

I want to get started. What do you recommend?
The best bang for the buck is a membership which comes with a Premium Starter Kit & 24% off of retail prices. The kit includes a powerful diffuser, 11 essential oils, samples of other products, & other goodies. The entire kit added independently over $300, but you can get all of it for only $160.

What’s the catch? Am I selling oils if I get a membership? Is the $160 monthly?
No catch. No selling of anything. The $160 is a one-time fee! That’s it. If you decide you want to try other products, your membership will give you 24% off all retail prices on products plus access to a secret Facebook community where you can connect & learn all about using essential oils.

But the membership says I will be a wholesale member. That’s selling, right?
You’re not selling anything. That’s just the name of the membership.

How can I become a member?
To enroll, you can get started here. Make sure number 10336228 is in the Enroller & Sponsor ID fields. Follow the prompts to finish and you’ll be all set!