As a child, colors were my jam! The more vibrant and colorful, the better. No matter the season or day, I found that colorful items gave me a sense of calm, joy, and child-like wonder when navigating the day-to-day in life. Over the years, that child-like wonder wandered off into the land of adulting and switched from my colorful favorites to your typical basics. While I love a black outfit, I realized that I started to lose my zeal for looking at the world in 4K color – that included my everyday wardrobe.

Enter adidas to help.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “adidas only has workout gear.” On the contrary, adidas has everything you need to get you right, from your fitness to your everyday look. While working on building great habits to build my mental health, adidas had various everyday options like dresses, skirts, and women’s tracksuits. If wearing hoodies in the summertime is your thing, adidas can handle that too!

This colorful number was the perfect way to uplift my spirits and kick-start the child-like wonder I’d been long missing. Working on your mental health is definitely a journey, so finding products to support you along the way makes each step that much easier to take.

Products highlighted in the post were kindly gifted by adidas.

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