Your post-partum experience can be a good one. Find the right products and it can take you a long way.

It’s a pretty popular thing to buy items that will help you have a more comfortable pregnancy experience, whether that’s clothes, undergarments, accessories, you name it! While many choose to invest in items during their pregnancy, which they can never use again, I chose the opposite. I wanted to ensure I could find items that would allow me to get back to myself. During my pregnancy, I tried really hard to stay present when it came to finding products to truly help me have a smooth post-partum transition after giving birth. After much research (and scrolling on Instagram), I packaged together the best items that have truly been helping me throughout my recovery period, going back as far as using in the hospital!

The Honey Pot Post-Partum Pads

This is my 2nd time giving birth, so nothing really came as a surprise to me – except these pads! The post-partum pads they give you in the hospital are an ode to everything you remember pads being back in the 1990’s. At least for me. The pads are large and in charge, but they do the job! So when I saw The Honey Pot offered post-partum pads and saw how small the packaging was, I was skeptical! HOW ON EARTH will these cute, thin pads hold anything?! And do they know how long they need to be to cover EVERYTHING? Nevertheless, I jumped in & bought em because I love the products, so I knew these couldn’t be an epic fail.

In the hospital, I used the big pads. I felt secure, safe, and as uncomfortable as they come. But I felt secure. Then I decided to grab one from the Honey Pot. OMG! The length was perfect. They were thin! It felt cool when you put it on – because childbirth can be a little rough on your lady parts. It was perfect! Since then, I’ve worn them every single day with no accidents, no mishaps, and dare I say – NO CHEMICALS! Please take it from me: these are a WINNER!!!

The Honey Pot Mommy-to-Be Wash

Of course I had to follow up with the wash, which is bomb! Skip the “Winter’s Adam” wash you buy at Target and grab this! I always feel so fresh and clean after each wash and it doesn’t take ten zillion hormone-altering chemicals to get you feel that way. This is also a WINNER!

Young Living’s Rose Ointment

Rose ointment: how I love thee? Let me count the ways! I am back on the breastfeeding train and I will never forget trying to get Laila going last go round. My nipples were cracked & bled for weeks and finally they turned pink from being so raw. Let that marinade for a second. RAW! My motto is “Lanolin is a lie.” That cream was always super thick and hurt like no other putting it on. Not to mention I had to add a child who latched like an alligator onto it. Enter: rose ointment.

This ointment is like a Swiss Army Knife for all things dry, chapped, cracked, etc. I used this on my nipples initially after every feeding and when she was asleep to give myself some relief. Today, I am 3 weeks post-partum with no cracking, bleeding, and matter of fact: latching on doesn’t feel like Jaws is clamping down each time. Winner!

Nature Bond Silicone Manual Breastmilk Saver

WHAT?! I owe dinner to whomever invented this contraption here! Girl! When I tell you this little pump has saved me so much milk while breastfeeding! It’s insane.

While nursing on one side, I use this pump to suction out the milk that’s letting down on the other. In the past, I would just let myself leak until it was time to nurse on that side. Today, I am pumping about 3 oz. of milk at a time while feeding. When nursing, every single drop counts!

The Bellefit Corset

One of the downsides of pregnancy is the fact that the muscles in your stomach can separate due to a growing belly. Since I knew I was having a c-section, not to mention a big baby, I decided to find a band this time that I can truly wear to help bring everything back together. Not to have a perfect waistline, but to make sure that everything goes back to its proper place.

I didn’t get a chance to wear mine until the 2nd week, post-partum, but it has been a gem to wear! Nothing crazy, easy to get off to use the bathroom, and it’s keeping everything tucked and tight, holding everything in place until it stays there. After spending way too much money after my first time giving birth, this corset is the one and only purchase I needed! It has been the best!

Glossier Cloud Paint & Boy Brow

Okay, I know – these aren’t post-partum products, but they sure have been essential in my post-partum journey. Anything that keeps me from looking like Michael Jackson in the middle of the street dancing with the rest of the ghouls and goblins in the graveyard is worth mentioning in my book.

I am in LOVE with both of these. I can easily put on my foundation, add a little cheek color and make sure my brows are filled in, all without any brushes or formal equipment. It’s the perfect toss on and go products that every cool girl needs in her bag!

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