If you follow me on any social media, you know our newest little angel has already arrived. I’m pleased to share my newest heart burster.

Liana Joelle
April 10, 2018
7lbs 15 oz
Atlanta, GA

It’s been an entire month that I gave birth to our precious new angel, Liana Joelle and life has been turned pretty much upside down ever since. To a certain degree, once you have one child, the 2nd one is pretty much a breeze to some level. The hardest part is learning a new person all over again. Their habits, their styles, their preferences. Not to mention (don’t forget) life over here with husband, work, toddler, school, cupcakes to bring, a house to keep moving, staying hydrated, moisturized and fed and keeping baby alive are all on the agenda for each day. So I decided to extend myself some grace before sharing. The birth of our daughter had to be one of the most beautiful moments of our lives. From the time she was conceived up until the moment she was born, we were constantly reminded that in spite of the madness going on in our lives, God’s plan would work out for the best.

I delivered Liana, via c-section, and the entire experience was so calm and less frantic than the last time. When she finally arrived her cries were so in tune and on pitch, I could swear she was singing. I never knew my heart could expand for another tiny person! Here are some photos of the eventful day and some of our favorites over the course of the last month.



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4 thoughts on “Liana – My Birth Story

  • Kara Mutuli

    She’s beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Neicey

    Congratulations, beautiful family!

  • Sudie

    Beautiful, congratulations to u and Joe for a job well done,Two beautiful little girls ,and the girls t have Two awesome parents. God bless you all.

  • This is very inspiring and touching. She is such a cutie pie. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome.

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