Sharing my thoughts on THE baby carrier that every new mom should have & why baby wearing is something you’ll want to incorporate into your daily routine!

So a few years ago when I had Laila, I was scrolling through Instagram during one of my many breastfeeding sessions with her and came across a well known blogger carrying her new baby in this beautiful yellow wrap. I’m not sure if it was how easy her life looked actually hands free and holding the baby, the fact that she was at the Farmer’s Market looking effortless doing it, or the fact that I could see myself doing the same thing! GENIUS! I turned into Inspector Gadget and found the wraps she was using. I bit the bullet and bought one and was soooo excited to try it out. There was only one problem – you have to put a baby in the darn thing.

The wrap was very soft & came in a bunch of colors and patterns – but for a long piece of fabric, it wasn’t cheap. Nevertheless, when I tried to get Laila in mine after watching tons of tutorials on how to wrap it here, tie it down over here, then cross it that way, I got her in. Only thing is as soon as I took a step, I felt like she was going to fall out. So I held her with my hands. After several tries, I figured it’d be easier just to hold her. The more I tried putting her in that wrap thing, the more frustrated I got until I just gave up! But I knew before having Liana, I wanted this option to work, but not a wrap thingy and not an ugly harness that comes in one patterned color. I needed something cute, quick, functional & easy to use.

Enter Happy Baby.

My girlfriend had just had her baby boy & they came to visit one Saturday. She was carrying him in an olive green carrier made by Happy Baby. He was so content, he looked secure, and best of all, she was truly hands free! Not to mention that darn green carrier was so cute! She told me she was obsessed with this carrier and urged me to get one. Before Liana dropped on the scene, I had my carrier in the mail.

Liana is the kid who likes to be held ALL DAY LONG. Not exaggerating. She doesn’t like to be put down whatsoever, so this carrier has been the GO-TO LIFESAVER that keeps me sane. I can still walk around and get things done! It’s so easy (and cute), even my husband and my dad have both used it! Snap around your waist, adjust to comfort, put baby against your chest, put on straps, snap at your neck. Viola! Kid is in.


This carrier has been used around the house, walking in the neighborhood, at birthday parties, at the airport for first plane rides to Florida, while in Florida, at the store, to the bathroom – you name it!!

According to the article The Benefits of Babywearing by Dr. Sears,

Sling babies cry less.
Sling babies learn more.
Sling babies are more organized.
Sling babies learn much in the arms of a busy person.
Babywearing enhances speech development.

Anthropologists who travel throughout the world studying infant-care practices in other cultures agree the benefits of benefits-of-babywearingbabywearing cultures are that infants cry much less. In Western culture we measure a baby’s crying in hours, but in other cultures, crying is measured in minutes. We have been led to believe that it is “normal” for babies to cry a lot, but in other cultures this is not accepted as the norm.

Made of 55% linen and 45% chambray cotton, these carriers come in all kinds of colors to fit your style. We are very happy with this carrier and don’t know how we would have survived this 4th trimester without it!

This post was sponsored on behalf of Happy Baby Carrier. All opinions stated are my own.

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