2020 may have had us all sheltering in place for more time than we would have imagined, but it gave us an opportunity to find safe activities right in our Atlanta backyard! So when the High Museum of Art asked to partner with me to attend their exhibit, Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement through Children’s Books, I HAD to go – and bring Laila with me.

I have a chance to work with a Black-owned small business owner that sends age-appropriate books children that stars a child of color as the main character and the experience has been amazing. My passion as a mom is to expose my children to the colorful world as it is, along with books, images, toys & any other tool I can use to show that their existence is important. This exhibit was a beautiful gathering of some of the images we see in our own books at home to help her celebrate where she came from.

The experience was breath-taking. To see the images from 50 years ago resonate with the climate of our nation today really struck my heart. It served as an open door to have the conversation with Laila to help her understand that the Civil Rights Movement is still going today.

The High Museum is such a gem and offers other activities for adults, as well as kids, in a safe, spread out location. It has turned into one of our favorite things to do now and we look forward to taking many more field trips to take advantage of more cultured activities.

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