The moment I heard my children cry, something shifted within.

Becoming a wife allowed me to see how God views the church, but becoming a mother showed me how God views me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my babies and believe it’s one of my life’s callings.

Being a mother, especially a mom of little girls, gives me the opportunity to build up the next generation. To give them better than I had. To be better than who I was. To show them better ways of doing things without sacrificing themselves, their emotional stability, their purity or their time.

I believe every moment has been an opportunity. A presented opportunity to approach a situation with thought and intentionality so that the impact is positive. I believe every interaction is an opportunity to shape their characters. Have I done everything perfectly – psshh not by a long shot. There are many days I get it wrong. However, I’m learning that my children are little, but they have feelings and showing them how to right a wrong is even important.

Being a mother has taught me that I can’t give anyone anything unless I have given to myself. I have to do the work within me in order to show them how to do their work. I can’t teach forgiveness if I haven’t forgiven. I can’t push them to be healthy if I’m always reaching for junk food. I can’t expect them to be better unless I’m better. And even though I am a masterpiece who’s a work in progress, it’s nothing wrong with not having it all together & to show my girls perfectionism isn’t any option they need to partake in.

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