instagram mom goals
instagram mom goals

We all know her. She has an Instagram page perfectly curated, laid out and filtered to perfection. Every hair on her head is perfectly placed, whatever corner of her home she’s taken is immaculate and her children smile effortlessly in every picture. Her body is super tight and thin, her skin is flawless and she looks like that in real life. She may or may not have a thigh gap and a hubby who smiles effortlessly like he’s having fun in her pictures too. Yep. She’s #momgoals on Instagram. 

Little do you know the life & the persona doesn’t exist.

Now before you go off and think I’m being a hater (never that), let me explain. Social media has a funny way of making all of us think that we are following the day in the life someone’s ACTUAL life. Sure, we can now share stories to really get to know the people behind the feed, but even then, it’s still a sliver in time. Every mom on Instagram, who looks like they have it together, has to slather on makeup to get the skin, add 7,000 bobby pins to make her hair stay that way and bribe her children with candy or a trust fund to act like they’re having a blast. Don’t forget to add the filter. For real.

Moms love to cling on to anyone else who looks like they have it all together and then down our efforts. Now don’t get me wrong: I love seeing a woman excel in areas that I’d love to be better in and take ideas from it. However, there’s a difference between being inspired and comparing your life to someone else’s. We have to understand our realities are REAL and not a snapshot in time. If we were all able to show our life’s highlights, we’d all be superstars!

So to my mamas out there who feel like they are failing at life because your kids aren’t perfectly dressed in the latest gear and you aren’t perfectly made up everyday to show off your easy-peasy life, be encouraged! The Instagram mom does not exist!

P.S. – The Pinterest Mom doesn’t either, so don’t go over there.

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