I was going to wait to pack my hospital bag at the last minute…but time is almost up!

When it comes to packing, I can admit I usually wait until the very last minute to get it all together. In usual “Tisha Fashion”, I was planning on tossing a few essentials in my hospital bag around…eh, week 37 or 38. When the doctor told me at my last appointment the baby was head down and I started having lightning speed contractions, Hubby told me to saddle up. It was time to pack! While I still don’t anticipate her arriving anytime before her due date (fingers & toes crossed), I went ahead and got my list in order and made my rounds to ensure I had the best of everything this time around. Here’s are my no-kidding, no fuss must-haves.

Blankets & onesies for baby – Truly aware they give you all the things baby needs, but I like to have my own. Every baby will be wearing the same blue, pink and white striped hats and blankets. I like my baby to have her own personality.

The Honey Pot Post-Partum Pads & Wash – This go-round, I wanted to bring my own postpartum items that I knew would be effective and toxin-free. I am in L O V E with The Honey Pot brand and this time was a perfect time to have all things that support mama after giving birth on hand. I don’t need anything that smells like peaches, a tropical breeze, an ocean – nothing. Give me all natural, please.

BKR Water Bottle – The hospital gives you a water container, but again, I want to bring my own. It’s glass, it’s large, and it’s cute.

Essential Oils – Now girl, you know how I feel about my oils! If you don’t, you need to read this. I have my oil pouch ready with rollers and oils for everything. Whether it’s for emotions to breastfeeding to cramps. I have an oil for EVERYTHING on deck.

Honest Diapers – The hospital prepares your baby’s cart with a ton of diapers, but I am not open to using diapers with chemicals. With Laila, we had to climb mountains and swim seas to keep her from getting a rash. When I finally made the switch to Honest Diapers, we didn’t have another issue with rashes, nor did we have to slather her down with chemically-filled diaper cream after every single change. It wasn’t until Laila was good and close to being potty trained that I figured this out. Ever since then, I have been adamant on only buying chemical-free diapers to pull-ups and chemical-free wipes. Period. Non-negotiable.

The Bellefit Postpartum Girdle – Before you think I’m worried about getting back into “snapback shape”, pump your brakes. Banding is a great way to provide support to your back & body, especially after a caesarean, but the compression also helps with putting your muscles back into form, which can split while pregnant.

These are the must-haves, but there will also be the typical robe, nursing bras, & all that fun stuff to keep me covered & well-prepared during my stay.

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2 thoughts on “Packing for Baby: My Hospital Bag Must-Haves

  • Nicole

    I love this post! I’m interested in this corset/girdle idea. Which one do you use? Thanks girl!

  • Kara Mutuli

    Thanks for sharing your list and congratulations!

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