I take pride in our health & wellness. Here’s why.

I have a family history of (insert the usual ailments here). You name it. It’s there. For years I’ve felt helpless, wrestling with the fact that I had to somehow just make peace with the fact that my family history would determine my health too. But there has always been this gut feeling that I didn’t have have the same fate too!

When I had my baby girls and finally started down a path of wellness and choosing to only purchase and consume products that were eco-friendly and non-toxic, a huge shift happened for us. I had fibroids that degenerated on their own. My cycles regulated. I dealt with less illnesses, especially during the cold & flu season. On top of that, Laila has not had a fever or been sick with something since May 2017. Yes, 2017! And Liana is on a path, as well, only really getting sick with a fever November 2018. They get the usual runny noses and a cough here and there, but for the most part, I have what I need to deal with it in a quick manner!

I joined Young Living as a member, changed my diet and only opted for ingredients I could actually pronounce. Call me crazy, but it has made all the difference. I want to spend these years with my family happy, healthy and whole and for them to live out their lives on playgrounds and with their friends and not in the lobby of a doctor’s office, if we can help it!

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