My husband and I decided to visit some friends this past weekend in Chicago. I haven’t visited the city in over 20 years, so I was extremely eager to see the sites and roam a bit. The moment I hit the city, I fell in love. I definitely enjoyed seeing the fashion in Chicago. Even though it was windy and cool, many sported wool peacoats, scarves, and flat leather boots, sporting it all in style!

Chicago’s architecture intrigued me the most. While I tried to avoid looking like a tourist, I couldn’t help but to stare at the beautiful buildings all around. Each building told a story and had some type of history behind each of them. I made a promise to myself: on my next trip, I will take a city tour as well as visit the museums and the rest of the city’s sites.

Today I’m here to share my personal photos of the highlights of the trip.

A beautiful view of Lake Michigan…

Our view from the 29th Floor. Breath-taking, right?

A quick stop at Chicago’s famous, Giordano’s. The stuffed pizza was amazing!

A very high & gorgeous Northern view from the Signature Lounge on the 96th

Enjoying a beautiful Chicago sunset…

A festive Jamaican Day Party with fun friends and fantastic food.

A cloudy day on Printer’s Row. The area and buildings are still beautiful, nonetheless.

A fabulous Spa in Printer’s Row! Stop in if you’re ever in Chicago.

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