In all the years that I’ve had a crazy love and respect for all things fashion, I’d never been to principle fashion capital of the world, New York City, until this past Tuesday. Please don’t judge. I too have flaws. It’s not that I can’t go, to eliminate excuses, I just never made the time to go. Now that I’m in the process of expanding the Blushing Black network, this is truly a trip I have on my radar now for sure!

photo 5

I was fortunate enough to visit this week for work and had the splendid chance to see and visit NY and New Jersey. The only downfall: the schedule was all work and no play. Don’t get me wrong; the work I did and people I met on my trip for my company was nothing short of amazing. I had a blast! I just wish I had some time to roam and play a bit.


{The Freedom Tower}

For the little bit of time I was there, I got to ride through the city at night and actually see the landmarks and the city lights. Although most of the places were closed by that time, I rode long enough to conclude New York is an amazing city to visit. The shops, the eats, the fashion, the focus….I loved it all! The culture reminds me a lot of Miami’s: a huge melting pot.


I’m super grateful for the experience, but I’m already plotting and planning a trip back.

{P.S. Hello Brooklyn….how you doin’? Thanks for taking care of me during my stay.}

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2 thoughts on “Black Fridays: A New York Minute

  • New York is a beautiful place to visit. I’m sure you’re ready to go back.

  • ksolo

    On your next visit it will be even more satisfing for the fact you would have more personal time to enjoy the city more at your leisure.

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