Rest is essential when it comes to your self-care regimen.

Between birthday parties, family, work, momming, adulting, decisions-decisions, I hit my breaking point. I found myself frazzled and upset and frustrated at even the smallest of things. I can admit I am honestly burnt out and it took a toll on me.

In times like these, a period of rest is always essential.

The timing aligned perfectly with my yearly trip to St. Louis For ShutterFest. Even though it was for more so learning and networking, it turned out to be the break I needed. I learned that it’s okay to take a break and get out of your backyard for once to refuel. I relaxed and recharged. I got rest. I ate well. I did some creative work. I just did me! And you know what? It was all within a 48-hour time span! No long trip needed.

I realize that I do a lot to most, and that’s okay! But I also have to remember that even God, Himself took a day to rest after creating the universe. Rest is so essential to our health & wellness and getting time away to just recharge was everything I needed to jump back in full force to get things pumping again.

Thank you to Union Station St. Louis Hotel for your amazing hospitality! I look forward to brining my family next time to enjoy the sites.

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