Traveling soon? Sharing all of my tips & best tricks for travel.

Traveling is such a favorite of mine and I love being able to jet set somewhere. Since taking my first flight by myself to Chicago at 8 years old – things were way different in 1992, I’ve had my shares of travels around and have picked up a few tips and tricks to make the journey to and from my destinations even more of a breeze.

Tip: Roll or tightly fold your clothes in your bag or suitcase to make more space. Before we were Kondo-ing our lives, this has been a tried and true tip that has made packing so much easier. Plus, the less folds, the less wrinkles.

Tip: Bring an extra bag (if you can) for dirty clothes – I do not mix clean with dirty clothes. Have a separate bag just for dirty clothes. When you’re unpacking, it makes it a breeze to sift through what goes in the washer and what gets hung back up.

Tip: Always pack a travel steamer – I am not one to iron or like using someone else’s iron. Bring a steamer along like this one. It warms in 2 minutes and will have your clothes wrinkle-free in no time!

Tip: Sandwich bags aren’t just for sandwiches – for toiletries, pop off the tops and cover the open ended top with a sandwich bag, then twist the cap back on the bottle. It’s an added layer of protection to make sure nothing spills open and gets all over your clothes.

In your carry-on bag, pack the following items:

  • Easy to pack outfits, like a maxi dress & sandals
  • Undergarments
  • Pjs
  • Light toiletries (toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, deodorant, simple makeup and lotion)


Extra tip: If your bag happens to get lost for whatever reason, you’ll have a bag that has items so you can at least shower, change, sleep and be a human until you get your bag back. It’s already enough heartburn losing your bags, but at least you can still function.

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