If you were offered a trip somewhere in the world with no strings attached & this view you could wake up to every morning, would you go?

My love for travel started when I was in college & truth be told the desire never left. These days my head is less in the clouds and more on an island on the beach with beautiful sand, lush greenery, breathtaking views, and my hubby in tow. The perfect place to check off all boxes would be the Ladera Resort in St. Lucia!

What makes this place special is the fact that the resort was built with only 3 walls. Unobstructed views so amazing, it would make Drake jealous. The resort only houses a handful of people (37 to be exact) and has private plunge pools, The CN Traveler describes the Ladera as:

“In “a calm, beautiful, garden setting” on a forested ridge overlooking the Pitons and the sea. Even sunset snobs concede that the sky shows here are beyond amazing.”

Check out some of the dreamy the Ladera Resort has to offer.

Images & resort info obtained from the following sources:

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