This past summer, my hubby and I traveled almost a combined 13,000 miles (3 states & 3 countries), so the past month we’ve been on a little break. Well break time is over because we are heading to Chicago next month! It’s been 20 years since I’ve been the Windy City, so I’m excited to spend a few days there.

When it comes to packing clothes for these trips, or any trip I take, I tend to get anxiety. I never feel like I’ve packed everything I needed, all of my heels are 4-6.5 inches high so that takes up MORE space, and let’s not forget the tech geek’s electronics! But more than anything, packing my toiletries gives me hives & nightmares.

I’ve had a number of mishaps where my bags were searched or thrown too hard and ended up mouthwash, conditioner, lotion, or body wash all over my clothes.  I’m well aware that things shift when traveling, but for things to burst, especially on my clothes is simply unacceptable. No matter how much I seal the bottles or put them in a Ziploc bag, stuff will somehow get out. With all of the traveling we did this summer, I did a quick search on Pinterest to see what ideas I could find.  I did [See here], tested it and it worked! So today I’ll show how this idea helped me secure my toiletries to ensure nothing gets out again – ever.

What you will need:
-Your toiletries of choice
-Sandwich baggies (I paid $1 for 150 bags)

What to do:

-Take the caps off of your bottles

-Take a baggie and cover the top of the bottle taut until the opening is covered completely

-Screw the top of the bottle back on to the respective bottle

-You’re ready to pack!

I started doing this little trick when we first went to Mexico and tried it on every trip we’ve been on and it has not failed me yet. I’ve covered a full bottle of mouthwash, my jars of oils for my hair, body washes, and whatever else I could find! Now when I travel, I can rest a little easier knowing my toiletries will end up on me and not on my clothing.

As far as packing the right amount of clothes, I have still yet to figure it out!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with any brands of the products shown in this post

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