If for some reason I go radio silent on the blog, it always means something is going on {Remember this post?}. It never fails. One of the many things going on behind the scenes (now) is moving. J & I just purchased another home (our 2nd one) and we’ve been in the throes of trying to move for the last 3 weeks! It’d be easier just setting everything on fire next time. Ugh!

Before I had Laila we started tinkering with the idea of possibly moving. I absolutely loved our place in the city in Atlanta (Buckhead), but we were coming to a point where we wanted more space, a place to call our own and to finally settle. No more boxes. No more moving trucks. No more bubble wrap. We wanted a place that we were going to live for the next 15-20 years. Finally at the end of June, we found the perfect place to call ‘Home’. Here’s a sneak peek into a few of the areas I’ve managed to organize in this madness.

Laila’s Closet




new-home-closet-ideas_3Found this cute picture at Home Goods last week. It’s a intro into to the color palette I’m going for.

My Closet




In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some of my inspirations and updates as I go along in the process. Hooray for new and exciting times!

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