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Similar to your closet, your the elements of your home decor and the entire atmosphere should change to pair well with the season. With fall, it’s a perfect time to pack those linens and pull out textures, such as velvet, suede, and knits. Cooler weather opens up the senses for rich and hearty scents like pumpkin & cinnamon. And don’t forget the entertaining palettes with a nice bourbon.

Here are the best pieces you should get for your home for fall.

Bar Cart
A bar cart is a fantastic piece that can be used in every season. For fall, stock up your bar carts with bourbon in a decanter with pretty glasses. You can also add pumpkins, a floral arrangement and anything you want to have on deck in case you have impromptu guests!

Velvet Throw
Fall and velvet go together like a hand and glove. Stock up on throws around the house. Velvet adds a lush texture to the home, which is perfect for the cozy fall season.
I’m putting throws in each room for snuggling on those cool nights.

Speaking of throws, sometimes you can accumulate a ton of them, but don’t necessarily want them tucked away in the closet to be forgotten. Baskets strategically placed around the home are a perfect way to display, yet hold your blankets in a neat and visual way.

Brass Lamp
What was once considered a super-outdated metal has now eased its way back into hearts and homes everywhere. Brass lamps are a beautiful way to update your home for the season and adds ton of flair in a minimalistic, yet “hey, over here!” vibe.

pretty-booksCoffee Table Books
Coffee table books are known as conversation starters and a beautiful addition to anyone’s home. Subjects that are of interest to you, such as architecture, interior, design, and culture are great to look for. I purchased this book AFROS and it was worth every cent!

Having candles lit in your home is must for fall. It instantly wraps the home in bold scents like cinnamon & apple. Plus it’s the easiest way to prep for fall outside of buying new décor or decorations. Plus, if you don’t like fall, you’re not human.

Textured rug
Similar to the velvet or any kind of textured throw, a textured rug adds an instant fall makeover. Shag rugs are a perfect alternative to expensive alpaca rugs. I got my run from, which, btw, has a gorgeous selection! Check out my faves below or you can browse on your own here.

Textured pillows
Let’s finish off our textures with pillows, which are a great way to add some dimension and depth to any room. Don’t be afraid of stepping out and trying wool or knit pillows instead of the typical faux furs.

Wall Art
Another easy instant update, wall art is a great way to add some personality to your home for the low. This year I’m working on a gallery wall which has added so much life to one simple part of our home. If you’re into the glam look, Oliver Gal has a fantastic range of art!

Mirrors are not only an easy update, but they add the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors, like fabric, come in all types of colors and framed textures to compliment your home’s style and personality.

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3 thoughts on “The Best 10 Pieces to Buy for Your Home This Fall

  • LOVE the idea of adding some velvet throws! They are so comfy and luxe.

    Adia | Adia Adores | Bloglovin’

    • LaTisha

      @Adia I love having them around my house & surprisingly aren’t that expensive! Thanks for coming by!

  • Great advice! I know that the warm weather is just coming back around but I am longing for those cozy blankets and brisk fall nights. Decorating with home textiles is definitely my favorite fall home decor tip; it adds warmth, comfort, function, and depth to a room.

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