Fall will make its debut next week and I have been planning and scanning and clipping ideas to prep.

Outside of just décor, I am also working a list of things to prepare my home in time for the season’s change. Today I am sharing my list of 20 things I have been doing around my home and will do in time for fall to settle in. Not necessarily in this order!

Get rid of out of date skincare & beauty products

Finish burning summer scented candles to make room for fall

Throw away old coupons

Use old gift cards

Reorganize email box – Sale emails need room!

Swap out summer bags for fall & winter bags

Update pillows & bedding

Wash all blankets & down bedding

Toss & replace old/outdated pajamas

File all loose paperwork around the office

Prepare guest bed & bathroom for guests

Update & delete old apps on phone

Dry clean all jackets & sweaters

Update all old undergarments & socks

Make hair butter & oil mixtures for cooler weather

Replace old air vent covers

Update all cracks & gaps in doors

Clean & dust scuffed boots & shoes

Toss & replace old hair products

Replace stained & old towels


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3 thoughts on “20 Easy & Practical Ways Prep Home for Fall

  • These tips are GREAT especially with fall sort of around the corner here in ATL 🙂 Definitely may swap out my all white duvet for my patterned one and dry clean my jackets.


  • I love fall and this got me sooooo excited about it!

  • Awesome tips. Like spring cleaning but fall changes. Fall changes like the fall trees! Ooooo I love this time of year!

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