I’m so glad summer is moving right along its merry way to make for fall! Only two weeks left! Get out your calendars & planners cool kids. Today I’m sharing my annual list of 11 Things to do in the Fall!

Stay in a charming B&B or hotel with views of fall foliage
I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but I truly have a “thing” for leaves when they change colors! It’s almost magical. Find some time for you and your honey to book a weekend at a cozy B&B or Hotel in the mountains & ask for views that overlook the trees.

Decorate your own wreath for your door
After doing my months of fall shopping, who knew wreaths were so expensive? I, for one, did not! However, with a blank slate and a few decorations, you can make your own! Check out craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby for a plain, green wreath. Then, find decorations and pieces you can add, like burlap material, ribbons, and even pinecones and decorate! If you have a theme for your décor, it makes it much easier to shop…just FYI.

Make leaf art
Those of us with children are always on the hunt to find things to do with our kids. Go leaf picking right in your own yard and make fun art with construction paper and glue. Hang up the artwork in a fun frame and set it out as décor.

Rent a cabin in the mountains
A cabin in the fall is the absolute perfect time to enjoy! A few of my friends rented a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains and it was the most relaxing experience ever. Don’t think you have be a zillionaire for this one. Groupon & Living Social always have a great deal on cabins for rent.

Make indoor s’mores
While it’s nice to be outside near a perfectly blazing campfire, a craving for a great s’more clearly comes when there’s not a fire in sight and it’s freezing outside. Opt for an indoor s’mores recipe {like this tasty one} and cozy up on the sofa with a good movie. Don’t forget the milk!

Stock the house with blankets & throws
Fall is the time for cozying up pretty much any and everywhere around my house. Adding blankets and throws are a fantastic way to update your home’s look, but still has a functional purpose behind it. So now when you’re watching a scary movie on a chilly night, you can grab a throw and bundle up!

Make a homemade chili recipe
I’ve tried my hand at chili a few times and it was pretty darn good. I love my chili with a bold, hearty flavor, seasoned well, with a side of scoop Frito Lay chips for dipping. Make it a tradition to perfect your own homemade chili recipe. Here’s a perfect place to start!

Try a new wine
If you’re like me, the type and brand of wine you buy is pretty sacred once you’ve found the right body, blend, and price point. However, fall is the perfect time to venture out and try some new wines such as Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon. The notes of fruit with a bold flavor will delightfully surprise you.

Prep home for holiday guests
Tis the season for overnight guests. Why rush and wait for the holiday season? Get a jump on updating your guest area with fresh towels, linens, & toiletries. Need some ideas? Check out my post on that here.

Host a cozy movie party
Picture it: pjs, snacks, socks, blankets, and of course, movies! Host a family movie night or even a cozy party with girlfriends. A movie party is such a fun bonding experience, no matter the age. Even get creative & set up the area with sleeping bags or make a teepee/fort for the kiddos.

Donate blankets to shelters
The holidays are all about how we can do for ourselves, but this is a perfect time to give back to those in need. Shelters are always looking for fresh blankets for those who don’t have homes during the colder months. Donate your gently used blankets or spring for a few blankets from your local Target.

Want more ideas? Check out my annual lists from 2013, 2014, & 2015!

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