Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

If you’ve been on your favorite fashion websites, you’ll notice an influx of sales all happening that same time. Some call it “Christmas in July”. Some call it “Black Friday in July”. Regardless of what they title it, fashion girls all know one thing: they’re making room for the Fall pieces.

“But summer just started!”

You’re exactly right, but stores are about to stock their shelves with all things Fall. This is the cycle of fashion. It happens every year. To make sure you have your coins in a row and you’re ready to shop for the next wave of designs, Nordstrom is hosting their annual anniversary sale on everything and every brand…and it is lit!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens mid-July each year and is the perfect time to catch all of your favorite brands at huge discounts! Brands include Nike, Adidas, MAC, & a range of others. It’s a perfect time to stock up on those trench coats (I know I will) & grab stuff for the kiddos for Back to School shopping. If you’re like me and already thinking about the holiday season, start grabbing stuff for your home to decorate, prep for guests, or even get Christmas gifts! The best part? The shipping is F-R-E-E! So are the returns! I mean…c’mon! You spend all your hard earned coins taking advantage of a sale and it’s usually a $7 shipping fee that will cause you to completely flip your computer over in rage! Not here, boo. Shipping & returns are $free.99! Regardless, you can’t miss this sale.

Here are the deets on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates:

July 14 – 21: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access. This means if you have a Nordstom Credit Card, you will be able to browse & shop all of the new & top arrivals first at the sale price. So basically you’re VIP status.

For more information on Nordstrom‘s Early Access, click here!

July 22 – August 7: The Nordstrom Anniversary Public Sale Begins. If you’re not VIP, it’s okay. You still have a chance to have your coins in line to catch great items on sale.

August 8: You’re out of luck. All prices go back up. #SorryBoo

While you’re waiting, be sure to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog here to get an idea of what’s available! Shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale & click here for more information on the Early Access Sale!

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