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Last year I shared my list of 11 Things to Do in the Fall and I was given a lot of great feedback on the list. Click here to read. So this year I put together another fantastic ’11’ I think would be great ideas to do to take advantage of the Fall season.

1. A’Sips & Strokes’ Night Out
Fall can be a pretty busy time for back to school, holiday prep, travel and so forth. Plan a Friday night with girlfriends at your local Sips & Strokes for wine and painting. It’s a pretty fun night and contained way to have a glass of wine and create a masterpiece. Check for a city near you.

2. Prep that Closet
The weather has finally started cooling off here in the South. For those of you feeling the effects, start packing up those summer options and storing them away in storage or even these space bags (which are great if you’re strapped for space).

3. Apple Picking (Yes, again) – You knew it was coming. Last year after my husband and I went apple picking for the first time, I fell in love with it {you can read all about it here}. This trip is fun with friends, family or a loved one. It’s a great way to get out, breathe the crisp air and pick some delicious apples along the way. Warning: these aren’t your typical apples you’ll find at the grocery store.

4. Attend a Wine Tasting
Wine tastings typically are inexpensive and is an easy way for you to try multiple types of wines you would have never heard of {Sauvignon Blanc, anyone?}. Wine tastings are also fun because you learn so much about originations & pairings, as well.

5. Host a Potluck
There’s always a good excuse to call friends when there’s food involved. Host a dinner party, creating a menu of fall favorites and then invite friends to make that dish and partake. Get out of the house by setting up a simple table with inexpensive table cloths, pretty plates, tealights, and vases from ikea.

6. Spike the Cider
Apple cider is one of my favorite things to drink in fall, but spice things up a bit with a spiked recipe. I found this one to be an easy and great one to try.*
*Hint: This would be great to serve at the dinner party. The warmth will be welcomed and appreciated!

7. Make Candy Apples
It’s been 77 years since I’ve had a candy apple. Okay, not 77, but you get it. Most likely after apple picking, you have a load of apples that need a purpose. Check out this easy recipe for making candy apples. They make great gifts, favors, and even desserts.

8. Plan a Coffee Date
I’m sure there’s at least 2 or 3 people you’ve been meaning to schedule coffee with. Take time out to schedule some down time and meet a friend or colleague to have coffee with and catch up. Fall is a great time for specialty drinks and warm goodness. Pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?

9. Take a Scenic Drive
Nature is at its prettiest when the leaves change colors. It’s really like a show. Take an early Saturday and take a scenic drive to see the sites. It’s beauty is a different form of entertainment.

10. Host your own Football Watch Party
Have a favorite college or NFL team? Why not host your own watch party! Decorate with team colors, make special recipes, and even challenge others to wear their team colors. It’s an easy and fun way to show your pride.

11. Take a Morning Walk
An easy way to start off the day on a positive note is to take advantage of the quiet mornings by taking a walk. This is especially great on the weekends. The mind and body are clearer when you can wake up and smell the refreshed fall air and think about how to tackle your day. It’s also great for meditation.

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2 thoughts on “11 Things to do in the Fall

  • These are great ideas! I think my favorite (that I haven’t tried before) is apple picking…how cute is that! I’d also like to host a watch party and a potluck once I get my own place. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • LaTisha

      @Chymere Thanks. Honey apple picking is probably my fave on this list. I had such a ball last year doing it. I didn’t think it was something I’d get into, but it was wonderful. Hope you enjoy!

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