I’m always somewhat geeked when it’s time to plan a trip of travel, especially when it’s one that requires sun, sand, and days of not having to be responsible. Sounds a lot like a vacation, right? ☺

The hubby and I decided rather than travel on our wedding anniversary this past June, we’d plan a very nice trip somewhere in the fall to spend time relaxing and enjoying one another. To make things more fun, we decided to travel with one of our fave couples to spend time with on the trip as well and make it a couple’s trip. Little did we know that both wives would be expecting at the exact same time (2 weeks apart, mind you), so it all has blossomed into something even more special.
After months of debating and dragging our feet (mostly from fatigue), she and I decided on The Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island. ::Cue Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”::


We fell in love with everything about it. A domestic trip on the beach that was beautiful, yet cost effective and had plenty for couples to do, as well as just the guys and girls to get into. On top of planning what will be a wonderful weekend away from the hectic city, I’ve already been thinking about the top 5 things I would want to travel with.

Lo & Sons Catalina Bag
I’ve been eyeing this bag for some months now, but I think I’m going to finally take the plunge and get it for this trip. This bag is the ultimate weekender, roomy and spacious enough to hold all of my items I plan to take with me in one bag rather than my usual 3.

I raved about my fuchsia Tieks I purchased this past summer and they are a must-have staple on this trip to keep my feet comfortable for lounging and walking. I think Tieks are a must-have staple on all travel trips.

Diptyque Candles
Call me posh, but I love bringing soothing candles to a hotel with me to add an elegant feel with a cozy “home away from home” touch. Diptyque candles adds the exact elements I’m looking for on a relaxing and romantic trip away.

Truffle Clarity Travel Clutch
I am such a big fan of being organized, but to have all of your knick knacks in a cute little contraption adds that to the staple of things taken on travel. This Truffle Clutch has been my go-to in times of finding those little glosses, tubes of whatever and other little trinkets that tend to get lost while traveling. This will be politely tucked away in my bag on this trip.

Call me old-fashioned, but even this tech geek likes the nostalgic feel of writing on blank paper. This time in life in moving so fast and there are so many special moments that I want to make sure I capture on paper before it’s over.

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