After a busy spring and summer, fall tends to be the season where things begin to slow down in the year for me. Fall can still be filled with a hectic schedule, but there are times I find myself wanting to do something, but not necessarily the things I’m accustomed to doing on an off day. As I begin to wonder some things I could do this fall, I thought I’d share my ideas for those that are looking to try something new this coming season. With colorful leaves, crisp air, and heavy knit sweaters off the shoulder is the perfect season to do the following activities:

1. Morning Yoga
I’ve been eager to try this forever. Yoga is a wonderful way to begin the day, with the sunrise on your face, quiet surroundings, and cool morning to meditate and center the mind.

2. Picnic in the Park
I bought a picnic basket almost year ago and I have not done anything with it. My goal is to get a cute menu of foods together and invite a few friends to spend some time in the park to enjoy the outdoors and have some good food.

3. Bike Ride
Riding a bike is another fun way to spend time outside. Whether you’re getting exercise or just riding for leisure, this can be a fun time bonding without being in the sweltering heat.

4. Make homemade soups
Bring on the thick soups! Instead of buying canned soups to eat {which are always full of sodium, btw}, try making your own hearty soup to keep you warm. Try using fresh, organic vegetables and your own seasonings to make it your own.

5. Switch out makeup from Spring & Summer
This is something I do every year, yet only when I notice a slight change in my skin tone. For me, my foundation and makeup is definitely seasonal. My skin tone is always a little lighter in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer seasons. Change out that mascara, foundation and even summer glosses for new ones. Your skin will thank you for it.

6. Thrifting
Have your eye on certain pieces for the fall, but they are too expensive? Try thrifting! Thrift stores provide a huge selection of items that are gently used and will allow you to find them at bargain prices! You can find many trends such as leather pants and skirts, fur vests, and wool pencil skirts in many colors if you take the time to look.

7. Host a brunch
This is something I’ve been planning to do for a long time and it’s on my list to execute! It’s fun to meet the girls on a Sunday for brunch, but what about hosting your own? Make a few home made breakfast goodies to make, grab a bottle of champagne and orange juice for mimosas and devise a setup that’s just as delicious! It’s a fun and easy way to bond with the girls. And you won’t have to leave a tip!

8. Journal
When my surroundings are quieter, I tend to think more clearly. Jot down whatever you’re feeling. Write out your dreams. Let off some steam about a problem you’re having. No matter the subject, journaling in the fall is a wonderful time to capture ideas to launch for the upcoming new year! How would I know? This blog is a product of doing just that!

9. Buy fresh flowers for one part of the house
I love when I see stars on tv have a fresh bouquet of flowers perfect nestled and situated in their homes. Fresh flowers always give the home some texture, beauty and life to an area. If you’re not good with keeping up with flowers, start off with silk flowers and place it conspicuously in your home for decoration.

10. Pick up a new wine to try
This is an absolute MUST! I actually do this when I’m grocery shopping, but I’m getting a little low. Grab a bottle of wine of choice (other than Moscato), grab a comfy chair and watch the sunset with a glass. Fall is the season of heavy flavors like pumpkin and cranberry. Your wine should reflect the change, with a blend of fruity and heavy flavors to compliment.

11. Apple Picking
I have a number of girlfriends that love apple picking, simply because you get your produce fresh from a farm and at half the price. Apple picking is a great way to get apples for those recipes, like apple pie and apple crisp.

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