Last month, I developed the list of 11 Things to Do in the Fall {click here to read it} with every intention to try and actually do the things on the list. Of course I super excited when my husband found a groupon to go apple picking in Ellijay, GA. We saddled up for the hour trip and headed an hour north of Atlanta.

Here’s a look into our adventure in the orchards.



When you live in the city, you can almost forget how you can take quiet and serene surroundings for granted. Sometimes the quiet moments can be the most intimate with God.



Then after the quiet, we went to shoot apple cannons! LOL

Let me first say that I didn’t even have time to Google what an apple cannon was. I really had no idea of what it was, until I saw this set up.


The object: you stick an apple in the pipe, load it in, set the pressure and shoot it as far as you can in hopes of hitting the truck.

Hit the truck, you win a free apple pie.


Guess who hit the truck?!

(Reminiscing: Man! That pie was good.)

I forgot to take a picture of the pie. I ate it before we got 3 miles down the road. Don’t judge me.


Now it’s time to pick some apples.

Thank God for these boots here. These were the best boots to have on while trudging through the dirt.



I truly miss this scenery.



My favorite ones to pick were the Arkansas Black apples. They were the color of black cherries and looked extremely delicious with the morning dew on them. I had to pick about 4 pounds worth!




Overall, I had a ball. Sometimes you can get so caught up with getting ahead and going, going, going that we don’t take time to stop and enjoy the moment. My husband and I truly enjoyed our time doing something we clearly have never imagined doing. But holding hands and being a part of God’s creation made it even more special. It truly was a great experience.


After all the fun, we picked approximately six pounds of delicious looking apples. My next adventure: finding a bunch of recipes to get these apples eaten!


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