There’s something special about the holiday season when we focus on the aspect of love, friends, family, food and the season at hand. I love visiting others, but I absolutely love hosting guests during the holiday season. Maybe it’s the prep or the feeling I get when guests share their sentiments of comfort and coziness whenever they stay with me.

Now, truth be told: I have a hint of Martha Stewart inside when it comes to moments of opening my home to guests. I have a few cool and even quirky things I do to prep for house guests that anyone can try.

Upgrade the towels

Hand towels, wash cloths, and bath towels are the first thing I run to whenever I am preparing for guests to arrive. I make sure towels smell fresh and fluffy and none of them are old and worn down. My linen closet always stays stocked with freshly folded towels, ready for use just in case, but it’s always good to check the inventory.
All towels have to match and should be perfectly folded and stacked on the bathroom counter for guests. For an extra “upmh”, add towels to a tray along with a pretty box of tissues, a candle, and a faux floral arrangement.

Upgrade the sheets

The approach I take is more of a hotel vibe. I think when guests arrive, the bed they’ll be sleeping in should be extremely comfortable and the sheets are no exception. No one wants to travel far and wide to sleep on itchy sheets that are old and pilling. Make guests feel at home with sheets with a higher thread count than your toilet paper. For my penny pinchers and savers, you can find amazing deals at TJMaxx/Home Goods for bedding.

Stock up on “toiletries”


How inconvenient for guests to knock on your door at 7am on a Saturday to ask you for a tube of your toothpaste because they forgot theirs! Stock up on items like toothpaste, face wash, body wash, lotion, and whatever items you can think of to have on hand in case this happens!

You can also add candles and room sprays which are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade the atmosphere for guests. Make your home smell festive with candles of the season. Keeps things fresh and handy at all times.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave a few rolls of toilet paper handy!

Stock the fridge with favorites

Whenever my parents come into town, I usually ask them about favorite snacks they eat or drinks they drink on an everyday basis. This way, I can grab these items on my grocery run in preparation. Guests want to feel at home and it can be a hassle running out to buy one or two items. It’s easier to have everything at your house ready to go. Another added feel of importance to your guests!

Don’t forget the wine for those wine lovers!

Leave a handwritten note

I know this is a little quirky, but writing a hand-written card and leaving it in the guest room welcoming guests is a quick way to earn a few points. Add the extra touch of “customer service” by letting guests know you are happy to have them in your home.

Don’t forget to add the wi-fi password so guests can have access without asking 1,700 times.

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1 thought on “How to Prepare Home for Holiday House Guests

  • Yes! The WiFi password is a big one. It’s a tiny touch, but a thoughtful one. Looking forward to hosting more guests this Spring!

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