Finding there’s more beauty in the candid and random moments at home.

My life: it’s always moving, always changing, and always transforming into something more beautiful. At 34, I’m realizing the more I move with the waves, the easier it is to swim. Every morning when I pray, I surrender the entire day to Him & ask for His guidance. Though not perfect & I mess it up soooo many times, the path that is being laid in front of me has been given over to Him – and that approach has proven that surrendering can be a good thing.

Life at home has been amazing. Marriage continues to blow my mind everyday. Laila is growing into her next phase of toddlerhood right on time. We are all excited to meet this little one one the way. It’s a lot to juggle at times. Other times, I let the balls just drop and figure them out later. Balance, y’know. 🙂

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