It’s been a long time, friends. It’s been a long time.

There have been so many days I have wanted to open my laptop and just write what has been on my mind, my heart, and in my soul. I’ve been wanting to share with you the wisdom I have learned in my time away. I have been filled up with so many words that I have been close to exploding.

…but my spirit kept saying it wasn’t time yet.

My time away has been truly one of the hardest, toughest, amazing, beautiful and frightening seasons of my entire life. Even on the days I had the words, I didn’t have the mental space to process my thoughts, let alone a blog post. In this time, I have been exhibiting the same grace to myself that I would tell any girlfriend who is having a hard season to take. I realize I write “time is flying” more than I should, which is an indicator that I’m moving faster than I should.

I took, and I’m still taking, time to listen, learn, grow, process, fail, weep, mourn, be angry, and feel every feeling than I ever have before. The flower is blooming, so it’s time to reach for the sky.

This space is still going to reflect who I am. It will be my voice and the things & topics that matter to me. You will hear my heart in every word I write and image I share.

If you’ve been rocking with me for 10 years, you know the rollercoaster it has been. Thanks for still being on this ride with me. Welcome to those who are just joining us. It feels good to be back!

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