When J and I were looking for homes, I was stuck on having enough space that was going to make the next 20 years comfortable, a kitchen that I actually wanted to cook in, and a bathroom that didn’t make me barf. So after months of searching for the right home, I got all of that. Almost. Our master bath ended up being less than stellar, but wasn’t a deal breaker considering the house had exactly everything else I wanted in it. It was something I’m willing to live with. For now.

In the meantime of getting settled, I’ve been doing my research on bathroom finishes, fixtures, and anything else I can have handy and ready to go once I take a sledge hammer to what we currently have. Here’s a look at what I have saved in my notes.

New vanities with brushed nickel fixtures and dark wood cabinets

dreamy- bathroom

I love my bathrooms to have a clean, hotel feel to them. I love the simple, clean lines, as well as the masculine feel with the dark wood below. The open area is a great place to store quick hand towels and baskets with random toiletry items we use daily to make it feel more functional. The shelving is also pretty spectacular, as well.

OMG! I want a fluorescent light in the mirror. Can we find this?!


When I visited stayed at the MGM Hotel in Vegas, my room had this spectacular mirror with fluorescent lights built into it just like the one above. It was, by far, the most flattering light to be in – especially to do makeup and take pictures! Now I’m convinced I really would like to have that hotel feel if I can find a mirror like this for our bathroom.

Must have: Frameless shower


Sticking with the simple, clean lines, I love the way a frameless shower seems to disappear into a bathroom. This look gives a more modern, updated feel to the bathroom without the extra gold, silver or bronze finishes that can look great at first, but make the house feel dated after a while.

Found it! This is our tile!


While doing my research, I stumbled across this photo here and I was amazed at how rich and elegant this tile looked. It resembles a wooden floor, but it is indeed tile. We’ve already priced the material, which wasn’t expensive at all and will be using this for the floor and walls in the shower. Score!

Okay…which color, which color? A crisp, clean white or light gray?


To tie is all together, my goal is to paint the walls a crisp white color, just because I like my bathroom to feel clean at all times and it will help open and brighten the room. On the other hand, to add a bit of a personality to a neutral, a light gray tone may be a contender also. I just don’t want it to blend into the floor too much.


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