Fashion and style has always been something I’ve had a love a passion for, so it’s no surprise a love for interior decor and design would come with the territory. Like fashion, the home takes on a personality of its own with colors, shapes, styles, and accessories. So when the team from modern and contemporary furniture store, Modani Furniture, asked me to share my personal picks on what my Modani living room would look like, I jumped at the opportunity to bring my look, style and charm to the home.

My first job out of college was in the furniture business so I learned a lot about design, functionality and the different types of furniture that a place can offer. The major thing that attracts me to modern furniture versus the ornate, old-world type of furniture are the simplistic designs with clean, straight lines that have a minimalist edge. This type of design gives personality through straight-forward design rather than added fluff around the edges. This is the same for me and fashion, so it’s no surprise this goes hand-in-hand.

Modani Challenge: Dash of Daring

My vision for this set was to bring my approach to style with classic, chic elements with an added twist of something. I chose black with chrome accents to a room and add pops of fuchsia, which is one of my favorite colors. The focal point of this room is the Onyxia Sofa Bed which can be found in Modani’s modern sofa collection. The black and chrome gives this room a very serious, no-nonsense feel, but is still functional and inviting. This living room is definitely the place I’d love to take of my pumps, grab a good magazine, and unwind after a long day. It’s an ideal space for me to recharge.


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