Skip the flowers & cheesy cards. Here are some other gift ideas for mom!

Mother’s Day is Sunday and let me guess: you’re scrambling to find a gift mom can use. Amiright? Well, never fear. Flowers are nice and a trip to your nearest chain restaurant is cool and all, but get mama something she is actually going to use. Today I’m going to bring you a few solid ideas that you can actually do setup from your phone or computer.

For the Music Lover: A Subcription to Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal
Take the guess work out of it and set mama up with a year’s subscription to a music platform of choice. You can easily do it from your computer and even set up a little Mother’s Day playlist she can vibe to. Click the links above to get started!

For the Mama Who Needs a Break: A Hotel Stay – ALONE.
Before you get all tight in the chest and offended, the mamas out there will shout AMEN to this one. We need a break. To recharge and just be us on a first name basis. Not mom. Not chauffeur. Not cook. Not decision maker. Book her a nice hotel in the city or nearby for a night. If you want to get extra fancy, also book her a massage so she can get that massage while she’s away. I PROMISE you, this will go down as the best Mother’s Day gift in history. Click here to get started!

For the Mama Who Doesn’t Get Glammed Anymore: Hire an In-Home Glam Service
Mama’s may be that now, but many of us used to be someone pretty swanky before we turned our attention elsewhere. Show mama she’s still special and she’s still got it. Grab your phone and use apps like Glamsquad and TheGlamApp to hire and a nail technician, a hair stylist, or even a makeup artist to her home and let her get pampered! Then setup a dinner and whatever else she may like and let her go out on the town.

For the Mama Who’s Sick of Cleaning Up: Book Cleaning Services
It may come as a shock to you, but mama gets sick of dusting, sweeping, and cleaning up after people – including herself! Use resources like to book cleaning services and have them come in and give her home a nice deep clean.

For the Mama Who Doesn’t Have Amazon: Amazon Prime Subscription
Okay, so that one’s pretty obvious, but this is a winner. If your mom doesn’t have a Prime subscription, pay for a year’s worth Prime for her. It’s a fantastic use of money and she can get what she needs in 2 days!

For the Mama Who is All About Using Healthy Products: Essential Oils Membership
Most millennial mamas are very concious about what they put in their bodies, where their food is sourced from, and will definitely opt using products with ingredients she can pronounce. If they have small children, this gift will actually give to them ten-fold! Grab her a Young Living Membership and have it shipped to her house. With 12 oils, a diffuser and a ton of other great goodies, she will definitely enjoy relaxing, cleaning and having tools that will help with her and her family’s health and wellness over the other trash that’s in stores. You can read all about essential oils here and why I am a HUGE advocate of the oily life here. Click here to grab her membership.

For the Mama Who Loves Reading, but Doesn’t Have Time: Audible Subscription
I am a testimony of using Audible – it’s AMAZING. At the end of the day, I find myself nodding off to reading. Rather than listening to the radio or wasting time listening to trash, I find books that I’ve been wanting to read and I take some time to listen! I listen while driving, cleaning, cooking, washing, breastfeed – you name it!!! I have listened to almost 30 books in the last 2 years and I cannot say nothing but great things about the service. And the first book is FREE!!!!! Click here to read about my love for Audible. Click here to sign her up!

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