Settling into Mommyhood
OMG can we raise a glass to this?! Yes, it’s been over a year since Laila arrived on the scene, but I can finally say I am getting comfortable with mommy hood.

It took me an entire year, but I got there. And now that the constant uneasiness has tapered off for the most part (believe me, it’s still there), it feels great to enjoy this time in my life.

The Internet
Before you think I’ve been living under a rock, I’m not literally talking about the internet. I’m talking about music group The Internet. Some of my favorite music to listen to happens to be The Foreign Exchange, Nicolay, Zo!, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, & Jay Dilla so it’s no surprise I fell in love with the vibe of this group.

Click here to hear one of my favorite songs by them.


New York
I took a trip to New York & stayed in Brooklyn 3 years ago. You can read about it here. However, my heart has been longing to go back and the itch is getting harder not to scratch! I’m vibing with everything about NY right now. The people, the style, the hustle, the music! Here’s a song right now I’m vibin’ with by my fave artist!

So much has happened from the time I landed until this very moment, but I’m making it my mission to get back to New York sometime this year!




Sense of self
Thirty two has been an interesting age for me. I’m really taking the time out to understand the who’s and why’s of who I am. Why I feel a certain way. What makes me tick. Gravitating towards the things which make me happy. Staying far away from the negative people and complainers. I feel more secure in myself than ever. That means standing up for myself and actually speaking up for myself. That hasn’t been a strong suit of mine…ever. Not that I didn’t like her before, but I’m loving the woman I am today!

Hustle, Honey! Orders
Yes girls! Keep them coming!


Podcasts & Radio
It’s truly a difference from being in front or even behind the camera, but I’ve been joning to be behind the mic. I love listening to dope podcasts during the day to inspire and uplift me. I also love the sharing aspect – hello, this blog for example! I don’t know…stay tuned. I have some ideas in the works, but just know I am definitely loving the realm of the airwaves right now.

I was once that person that loathed hearing people talk about snapchat and now I absolutely love it! I love the fact that, unlike Instagram, I can show my life, happenings, and events raw & unfiltered. With insta, everything has to look like a stock photo. With snap, I give it to you straight! My fave people to follow on snap are Vashtie, Alicia Keys, Cara of the Champagne Diet, & Denise Vasi. Follow me @blushingblack!


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