So…we’re counting down another year. There’s that! Either I’m busy doing at F-5 tornado speed or I’m at a standstill and the world is moving around me, Category 5 hurricane pace. That’s sort of the best way I can describe it all! Nevertheless, 2017 has been good to me.

Really. I had my share of downs, but I never stayed down. Visions cast were fulfilled. Goals were shattered. Prayers were answered. Travel was fulfilled. Honestly, this year has been a robust season of greatness and transformation of self and I have no complaints on it. Here are 5 of the key things I learned this year that truly took my year up another level.

Choose a word for the year, and then stick to it!
Earlier this year I wrote this blog post on my word for the year and why. Instead of looking at my life in terms of lack, I looked at life in terms of having plenty. Having a word of the year truly allowed me to focus on one thing and apply it to everything! Abundance in marriage, relationships, friendships, business, you name it! Always having one word was a quick and easy way to allow me to remind myself of what my focus was rather than remembering 89 different goals written down and overwhelmingly trying to tackle everything. The result: I gained and attracted more than I could abundantly imagine! From building my girl tribe to watching my marriage bloom in a way I never thought could be possible, to a flourishing relationship with Christ. Having one thing to focus on was the absolute best decision & I’m taking that practice into 2018.

“Heal the child & the adult will appear.”
Man. This was a huge one for me. My area of insecurity has always been communication for me. I talk about it all here in this post. Essentially had certain things happen in my life at age 3 that caused me to cut off communication in almost every aspect of my life. That, in turn, resulted in resentment, hurt feelings, frustrations, and a million other things that come when you don’t communicate your feelings open and honestly with people. Early 2017 allowed me to tap on that 3 year old shoulder of mine and find out the why. When I received my answer, OMG, I truly felt like I could live life as a 33 woman with no regrets of speaking up for herself.

“You are allowed to be a masterpiece & a work in progress at the same time.”
Yep. That’s right. I’m allowed and there’s nothing I need to explain about it. Forcing my truest self to be either or is limiting and forces me to put intense pressure on myself to stay in perfectionism or strive to become it. I am a woman, multi-talented & multi-faceted with many layers to her. Life is a journey, not a destination. Whoever said I had to be “this one thing” was sadly mistaken & lost in life.

“Gravitate towards the vibes that suit you.”
This was another biggie for me. I took a different approach with 2017 in the areas of just being to be. Just hanging to hang. Just spending time to say I checked it off the list. I decided to value my time and my circle and space. We should be responsible for the energy around us and the people we decide to associate with. With this different approach, I met some of the most amazing women and even turned up a few relationships. And you know what? These women have turned into my tribe. The ones who encourage me to follow my dreams. Who doesn’t let me slide with mediocrity. Who knows the difference between needing a push and a huge shove. I made an honest effort to focus on the relationships with others who wanted to sow and cultivate genuine relationships with me & in turn, I received friendships in abundance.

“Your salary is not a bribe to forget your dreams. Your salary can help you fund your dreams.”
Seriously, though! How many times have we felt like our day jobs were hindering us or distracting us from becoming the creators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs we wanted to be? I actually love my day job, but I know I have more that I want to do in my life. Whether or not to have a 9-5 has been a constant battle of uncertainty for me. When I read this quote, it helped me to realize my job is there to help provide for the dream, not be a prison of some sort! Whether it’s taking classes, taking the trip to help my brand get ahead – whatever! Instead of looking at my career in the darkness of lack, look at in the light of abundance. I have the ability to get paid to help fund what I want to do and not start from scratch.

What has 2017 taught you?

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