I’m so emotional this morning. I think this nightmare has really sunk in. This tragedy happened in my own backyard. The City Beautiful. Orlando, Florida.

Downtown Orlando is known for its party scene. My friends and I have had PLENTY of nights out there. I mean plenty. When you get dressed to go out to a party, never in a million years do you think it’d be your last time on earth. Never do you think you’d have to run for your life or text your loved ones in the bathroom because you’re being held hostage. I never had to worry about someone bringing a weapon, let alone a DANGEROUS FIREARM in places like that. They always have security and a pat down procedure that would make you blush. The worst thing we’d have to worry about is if a fight broke out. And I’d always tell my crew if one did, find the nearest exit and meet me at the car. Never look, get in the way or get involved.

Now we’re left with broken hearts and looking for the pieces to mend. Lives were lost and people were injured. We’ll never, ever be the same.

Before we start the political conversations and ignorant rhetoric…

Before we start the “I told you so” games…

Before we start hollering and screaming about what we’re against…

Before we start condemning and shaming a community for a lifestyle that you may not agree with…

Before you go doing God’s job and judging…

I urge you to show more compassion and love towards those affected. You may not agree with their lifestyles, but I see a community of sisters, brothers, cousins, and children who were tragically taken because of someone’s hatred for others. Loving someone is not saying you agree with their choices in life or even their lifestyle. It’s simply saying you see them as a person first, regardless of who they are, and you will love them in spite of. Stand for love, not hate!

Be strong Orlando. We’re here with you, praying for you, and helping to pick up the shattered pieces. Because that’s what you do for those you love.

Want to help?
If you want to donate to help the victims, you can support the victims and families of the Pulse shooting here.

If you’re in the Central Florida area and have O-, O+, or AB+ blood types, the Central Florida Blood Bank in Kissimmee is in desperate need of donations! Anyone can donate, but these types are especially needed.

Click here for more information and call OneBlood at 1-888-9Donate or 888-936-6283 over the next few days to make appointments. They will need blood replenished in a few days.

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