We finally made it to the last day of the year. Twenty sixteen – your time is up!

With skinned knees, bruises, and dried tears on face, we made it to the end of 2016. This year has been quite challenging. To this year’s defense, 2013 still takes the cake. That was the worst year EVER for me (Read about it here). However, 2016 is one I’m ready to say peace out to.

The Year of Loneliness for a Purpose

I found myself more lonely than ever when usually one needs that support system in place. I started the beginning of the year with a breast cancer scare. My courage, patience, character & confidence has been tested. It has been a trying time as a parent at times (Amen, somebody?). This year has been quite a year losing loved ones – celebrities included. This horrible election. The shootings. The protests that falls on deaf ears. The hate. The injustice. The brutality and the blind eyes who refuse acknowledge it. The blatant racism. So much heaviness to deal with and all of this packed in one year.

On the flip side, 2016 has had some fantastic times, as well. I took advantage of some of the best photography opportunities this year, creating some of my best work ever. The confidence and trying times as a parent is better and stronger than ever. Marriage is wonderful and flourishing. We celebrated FIVE years of marriage in June! I’m more self-aware and confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I started a brand new job & I absolutely L.O.V.E. it. I started a business with Young Living & hit Executive in 2 months! I was recognized by Sheen Magazine as one of the 50 Best Bloggers to follow. I was also recognized by Southern Living as one of the Best Bloggers to Follow in 2016. It has definitely been a ride!

In all of my lonliness, God has transformed my outlook and thinking on so many things, even solidifying relationships with girlfriends who have turned out to be the fabulous support system I’ve been craving for so long now. And speaking of Him, I’ve grown so much in my walk with Christ. I stayed true the entire year (minus a few slip ups) to starting and ending my day in prayer and devotion. We even joined an amazing church which we are growing and thriving, which Laila loves too. So not all in 2016 is lost.

There are no losses – only lessons – and 2016 has taught me even in my loneliness, it was all for His glory. There was nothing sweet about ’16, whatsoever. But we all know there’s a rainbow after every storm. So tonight I’m celebrating love, happiness, and abundance with gorgeous girlfriends, an amazingly supporting and delicious hubby, my yummy & oh-so smart baby, & my parents tonight.

See you in all ’17. God willing.

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