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I remember the very last day I wore my favorite pair of jeans after finding out I was pregnant. Like it was yesterday. I tried to hide it in this picture above, but I was dying trying to get this shot! I had to unbutton them when I sat down in the car in order to not feel like a stuffed sausage in skinnies. That was only at a mere 8 weeks pregnant. As my bump grew, finding clothes that didn’t look 17 sizes too big instantly became my dilemma. Most maternity pieces are made for when you’re really pregnant and not sporting a small bump for the first 6 months! At least that was my experience. There was only one dress I could truly wear without looking like I was draped in sheet, so I had to find creative ways to dress appropriately and comfortably without sacrificing my style.  For all the beautiful sheros out there who are busy creating miracles and looking for maternity style options and inspiration to help them style their bumps, here are 5 ways to do so.

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Buy your size…no, really. Let me explain. In the early stages of pregnancy, depending on how you carry, you could very well still be in regular clothes and just order up a size. Eventually that gets old, as most regularly sized clothes don’t include the stretch and give you’ll need as you grow. When it was time to give maternity clothes a shot, I just ordered maternity pieces in the same size I was pre-pregnancy. Before my daughter, I was a size 6, so I would order most of my pieces in that same size if it was maternity wear.

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Don’t be shy – go fitted! I would never advocate wearing a crop top and cut offs during pregnancy, however I would advise you to embrace your body and try pieces that are fitted with stretch and give. They. are. your. friend. It’s very easy to wear something and look 10 times bigger than you really are. Embrace those curves, girl!

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Stretchy is your friend. The quickest way to look like you tried way too hard during pregnancy is wearing something that is obviously not meant for a pregnant mama, like anything too tight. You can still be cute and comfortable without cutting off circulation to your major organs.

Options like leggings and stretchy dresses and tops are perfect options to wear.

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Proportions, m’dear. When you finally begin showing, think about proportions. If you’re wearing a flowy, billowy top, opt for stretchy leggings, slim maternity jeans, etc. If you’re going for flared pants, then opt for a fitted camisole with an open jacket.

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Length check. Another frustrating moment: shirts ended up being too short after a while! Ugh! There’s nothing flattering about that sliver of skin showing, which means I had to be very conscience when making purchases, even opting to buy tops in a longer length that could give me the proper coverage.


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