It’s no secret that I love clothes, so when I found out I was pregnant, the clothes came pouring in. By the time I had my baby shower, I had so many clothes, ranging from size Newborn all the way to 2T. While many of these clothes were cute, they didn’t get the chance to get past the closet for varying reasons.

For those who have friends on the verge of having children, here are 5 tips on buying baby clothes for the little angel that will actually get worn.

Be practical
A newborn is not going to wear a ski suit with matching goggles and fur boots during the first phase of life. Other than pictures, the huge amount of cute, teeny tiny outfits for newborns are really not necessary. They grow out of them quicker than you can get the tags off of them and getting several bodily fluids off of it is more of a headache than you’ll realize.

If it’s a must-buy, opt for clothes starting at 3 months and up. By then, the little one will be a little more active, alert, and out and about. Laila lived in onesies and rompers for the first few months, making it easier to get off during a hazmat situation.


Think about sizes before you buy!
I can’t tell you how many times my feelings were hurt because someone purchased something so cute, but for the wrong season. What do I mean? My daughter was born in March so by the end of December, she will be 9 months old. That said, I should not receive sundresses and sandals as options, sized 9 months.

I totally understand that some children will grow quicker than others, so a six month old child may wear 9 month clothing. It happens. However, we understand these things are unpredictable. Still be cognizant of the season and the baby’s age as you purchase items.

Don’t Spend a Fortune!
I guess this can technically fall under the “Be practical” section, but babies don’t need the latest harem pants and $800 leather sneakers. Those outfits look great until the precious angel spits up or blows out a diaper in your fancy ensemble.


Skip the Fancy Fabrics
While I realize all children will not suffer with eczema like my daughter does, all babies have incredibly sensitive skin and any little thing can and will irritate it. When in doubt, stick with 100% cotton that’s easy or breathable. Someone bought my daughter a pack of bibs made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and let’s just say I was reaching for the Benadryl STAT because of a terrible reaction she had to it. And that was after I washed it thoroughly before wearing it.

Don’t Buy Clothes at All
I know this contradicts the title of the post, but other than essentials, parents can really use functional things like blankets, bottles, or a simple gift card to Babies R Us & Amazon. If the recipient does not have Amazon Prime, pay for a full year for them. For new parents, Prime is an excellent way to get the products they needed delivered to them quickly without having to leave their houses.

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  • My older sister’s baby shower is in two weeks and I want to find her a good gift. I appreciate you mentioning how it is important to consider age and seasons when buying baby clothes to make sure they will fit during the season to wear them. I will keep this in mind and find a reputable baby boutique to purchase quality clothes from.

  • Sandy Becker

    Do you know where I can get the pattern for the romper hanging on the hanger in your article. It’s perfect!
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