One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned with pregnancy is that everyone’s experience is truly different. Even though a woman’s body is creating a life, our symptoms and experiences are far more different than many realize. However, one of the major things we all can agree on is comfort and sanity. Today I’ve gathered 10 items that I’ve grown to love during this pregnancy. Some are a little pricey; some aren’t. However the value of having comfort was well worth it.


one. Forever 21 Solid Classic Cami – Life. Saver. This cami is über inexpensive, soft and stretches well over a growing body. These camis come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are cute and comfortable. For those that find value in staying cute and chic in an easy way, try these on for size!

two. The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow – I got this pillow at 15 weeks when sleeping became a bit of a challenge and sleeping with 8 pillows became suffocating. I’ve never liked sleeping with a fort of pillows, yet my back was beginning to suffer tremendously.

The Bump Nest Pillow keeps my body aligned properly and hugs all of the right areas to keep me comfortable. You can take the cover off and wash the case, which is very nice! Plus, it’s easy to move when I have to make a dash to the bathroom at 3am.

The price for this pillow was a bit more, but the reviews from other expecting moms & moms were tremendous! For those that find value in a good night’s rest, take a few extra dollars and invest in this pillow.

Note: Your spouse may try to lay on it. You’ve been warned.

three. A stylish pair of flats – Call me the queen of heels, but after a while, my feet are over it. Invest in a stylish, yet comfortable pair of flats that will keep your feet from screaming at the end of the day. These flats from Old Navy have been a winner!

four. Beautiful Maternity Lingerie – For some odd reason everyone thinks you’re all of a sudden an old maid and being sexy during pregnancy is obsolete. Think again!

I will admit: that string thong you wore pre-pregnancy may get lost in a dark abyss. However, there are options that you can wear that still counts as beautiful lingerie to make you feel very sexy and is still comfortable. Check out the maternity lingerie collections at You! Lingerie for wonderful options you can wear daily or even just to spice things up at bed time! 😉

five. Coobie Bra – Boobs and pregnancy…OH MY GOD! Hurt is an understatement. You literally want to scream. The rapid growth hurts and when they rub against a regular bra…let’s just say there aren’t enough 3, 4, or 5-letter words you can screech to describe how much they hurt. I love the Coobie bra for relief!

The Coobie Bra is a FANTASTIC alternative bra that’s seamless, soft, stretchy, easy to put on & supports well. It’s a hassle to fiddle with clunky straps and fasteners that regular bras come with. Click here to see all of the options of bras that you can get to still fit your lifestyle.

six. The BKR Glass Water Bottle – I got my first BKR water bottle this past summer and fell in love with it. This bottle is aesthetically pleasing and easy to fill and go. Plus, it’s made of glass so you won’t have to worry about harmful toxins seeping into your water for you to ingest and harm you and the baby. Ensuring you aren’t exposed to harmful toxins is extremely important. Having this bottle brings a peace of mind.

seven. Earth Mama Teas – These line of teas are a gem and are natural, organic, GMO-free, & caffeine-free, keeping you and your baby safe and healthy. As much as a tea lover as I am, I was not aware that there are so many harmful ingredients that can cross the placenta and harm the baby.

eight. Foam Yoga Block – Exercising can sometimes be the furthest thing from your mind, but I have found such comfort in doing yoga. For you Mamas with aching, screaming backs, this yoga block is amazing to sit on. Sit on this block in “Indian-style”, for immediate back alignment and help raise your hips to a neutral position, giving you ultimate hip support. It gives my lower back a great stretch and relief after a long day on my feet. For only $9, it’s a great purchase to help alleviate the pain.

nine. Blanqui ‘High Performance’ Maternity Belly Lift & Support Leggings – Leggings are already an amazing invention, but leggings and pregnancy are a God-send!

You’ll learn in pregnancy that you value things that stretch and support rather than sag, bunch or even constrict. Get comfort & style with these high performance leggings that give you comfort, support, and pairs well for different looks to go out during the day.

ten. Nivea Creme – This lotion is pretty thick, I must admit, but if you’re suffering from dry, parched elbows, knees, and skin, this is a great cream for moisture. For those suffering from dry, cracking nipples and soreness, this lotion mixes well with your favorite body oil, and eases the pain.

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