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    Mom Hacks: Simplify Your Kid’s Morning Routine


    Living with a full-time toddler can wear you out. No embellishing needed. Like torn, tattered, and ran through tired. Matter of fact: it should be considered an Olympic sport. Try taming the little balls of energy in the mornings when you have to get them dressed, get you dressed, get out the door, beat traffic, & get to wherever it is you go to on time without having a mental conniption. And if I have to look for something, forget it! You’d be surprised how one missing sock can throw the entire morning process off, if you’re not prepared. Continue Reading

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    My Fall Must-Haves List

    We have one more dreadful month left of summer and it never fails – I am ready for the next season! I can admit it. I am not ashamed of it.…

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    Yellow Light

    It’s true I have a “thing” for bold prints & bright colors. Pair that with a maxi skirt with pockets and you’ve got my attention!…

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    Denim on Denim

    When it comes to denim, I consider it a timeless fabric. While we can all admit that the overly stretchy materials that label themselves as such is a bit embellished in…

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    National Girlfriends Day

    August 1 marks National Girlfriends Day in which we get to celebrate our girlfriends and the bonds we have with them. I’ve always known the power of female friendships, but it…