Maybe it’s the way I’m wired or possibly call it a fashion pet peeve of mine, but I see more people violating all things fashion by wearing tights as pants instead of leggings. While some will debate whether wearing leggings count as pants, my issue is more with women not knowing that difference between what’s appropriate if the manner they are worn in are supposed to be pants. What do I mean? Here are some examples.

leggings-oversized-sweater {Leggings}

Leggings worn as pants are supposed to be a garment that is not see through in any form or fashion. It’s best to wear an oversize shirt or sweater, like this one, that will cover your behind to keep it sleek, comfortable & fashionable. Leggings that are worn as pants are not, in any form, see through. Those, my friend, are tights. If your leggings are the color gray, your legs will be the color gray. You should not be able to see your undergarments nor skin (even ever so slightly), when wearing leggings.

tights-skirt {Tights}

Tights are made to be worn for on your legs for fashion purposes, but are meant to make a statement and should have something worn over them (i.e. skirts, shorts, etc.). They are somewhat see-through and can come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. These should NOT be worn strictly as pants without something covering them. Your backside is meant to be covered!

boyfriend-shirt-leggings {Leggings}

So what is the problem?!



No. No. No!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been flashed by ladies at the store or going up and escalator who didn’t take the time to check and make sure what they wore was appropriate for outerwear. Part of the issue is not knowing the difference; part is not caring. Chances are if it comes from a hosiery section in a store, these are not leggings to wear as pants; these are tights.


Check Yourself!
To ensure that your leggings are appropriate to wear as pants, put your hand in the garment against the fabric and see if you see your hand at all. If you can see any part of your skin, they shouldn’t be worn as pants.

Please spare us of your bright blue bloomers, Hello Kitty boy shorts, and thongs. Let’s start this new season on the right foot.

Please and thanks.


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