If you’re in the process of heavily restructuring your wardrobe for the upcoming season like I am, your main focus isn’t necessarily just items that will keep you warm, but ones that are somewhat classic and trendy to stay fashion forward. My main effort is to also make sure that I find things that I will
1) Wear again for years to come
2) Be able to make it a style that fits my personality

For the fall, there are a plethora of trends to choose from and it’s more than just tones…it’s also about textures & prints! Here are 4 print and texture trends you should be on the lookout when you’re shopping this fall.

Embellished Details



Jackets, dresses, shoes and even accessories have taken on a more old-world, ornate look and feel with over-detailed embellishments. It’s almost majestic! This could also go for studs and spikes on just about…anything. This look is very chic and certainly should be paired with understated pieces to avoid overpowering the entire look.


Fur & Feathers

It’s no secret that both textures are amazing at keeping you warm in the fall. This is especially true for this season since they are both heavy hitters to wear. Go for a fur vest or stole. Faux, of course. For feathers, think less peacock and more ostrich. Chic!


Leather (Black and Colored)


We’ve talked about leather, but don’t forget about colored leather (like oxblood or cobalt) when you’re looking for pieces. For textures, go for snakeskin or alligator  to add a little spice to your outfit.


Leopard Print


This print is, by far, my favorite of them all {gift givers: take note! 🙂 J/K…not really}. Personally leoapard print is always in season, as far as I’m concerned. The color choices to pair with this print are endless! My favorite: red & pink. Make it your own & bring out the cat in you! Rawr!


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1 thought on “Prints & Textures: 4 Trends for Fall

  • Sharice

    Thanks for the post! Definitely using this info while shopping. Would you be able share some advice on mixing patterns?

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