Grab your fave pool floatie, sunscreen & any sparkling beverage of choice – summer is here!

Whether you’re all about the pool or would rather sink your toes in the sand at the beach, what you carry in your bag is important to make sure your water experience is a positive one.

Pack your bag like a pro with some of my favorite must-haves for the trip!

Safety from the sun rays are a non-negotiable and having a clean sunscreen that can get the job done is key! My girls and I have been spending plenty of time in the sun lately, so in times such as these, I reach for Black Girl Sunscreen & Black Girl Sunscreen Kids. What’s so special about this sunscreen? It’s made from all-natural ingredients, goes on smoothly and get this – NO WHITE RESIDUE left behind!

It can be frustrating to put on sunscreen and have those white streaks all over your skin. No matter how hard you rub, mineral sunscreen just leaves a nasty white residue. But not BGS! Have these in your bag so you can enjoy the rays!

Face Mist
A face mist can be just the life saver you need when the sun seems to be in a disrespectful mood. Spray your face with a fine misting spray, like Caudalie’s Grape Water. I love this because it’s an instant refresher on a hot day. You can also opt for rose Water or Evian Face Mist!

Now this may not seem like a major item, but having a good chapstick to keep your lips moisturized is a must! Especially after sitting in the sun. Find a natural chapstick like these to keep those lips kissable and from getting burned.

Insect Repellant Wipes
Beat the bugs this summer with a good insect repellant. Deet free and infused with citronella oil, these wipes are PERFECT for applying to kids who are always on the move.

Baby Wipes
Popsicles, sticky hands, sand and anything else that sticks to you and your kids won’t stands a chance with some easy, grab & go baby wipes.

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